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    Dermaplaning Wand Tool with Professional Style Skincare Tool |

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    What is dermaplaning wand:

    Dermaplaning is the process of shaving your face with a blade that resembles a scalpel to help remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz. This treatment include pulling the blade along your skin. Dermaplaning wand is traditional shaving uses a small blade to remove dead skin cells to remove gray facial hair as well as even more skin tone and texture.

    How often should I use dermaplaning wand my face:

    Dermaplaning wand reduces hair growth. It is recommended that you dermaplan every 4-5 weeks as each time you dermaplan, you are removing 1-2 weeks of dead skin cells.

    Remove upper lip Hair:

    At home choice you can shave your upper lip to eliminate hair and tenderly peel to smooth the skin. On the off chance that you're searching for a more long-lasting arrangement laser hair evacuation is your smartest choice.

    Does dermaplaning wand help with wrinkles:

    Wrinkles are actually removed from the skin, creating an even complexion. Results may last 2 to 3 months. It can even out the fine lines that begin to form over time.

    Benefits of Dermaplaning:

    Reduces The Visibility of Pores:

    Another thing that can cause the face to look spotted or mark is large pores. Pores are largest on the surface, and shaving the surface makes them looks smaller. Oils in pores draw more awareness to them and make them appear larger. Dermaplaning is an accurate and best way to remove all surface oil from the skin.

    Removes Dead Skin Cells:

    In the dermaplaning process a sharp scalpel easily removes this dirty, dead layer shaving it off just like you would with hair when you shave your legs. Removing dead skin cells means younger, healthier cells shine. It is really very simple, but the results are immediately noticeable. Beneath this dead layer, the body is constantly producing new, healthy cells, while dead skin cells are shed.

    Removes Hair from Face:

    The benefit of removing thick hair is obvious but thin hair should also be managed as it has negative effects on the facial skin as well. Your facial hair can be unsightly and distract from your natural beauty. This hair can range from thick, dark hair to fine, less visible hair.

    Treats Acne Scars:

    It's a win-win for people dealing with acne complications. People with acne scars can especially benefit from dermaplaning. When the sharp blade glides gently over the skin, it can remove the redness of acne scars. When the top layer of skin is removed, all the oil and other dirt that causes acne is also removed, which often means less breakouts. Since the face is so clear, it will enhance the results of any other acne treatment that a person is undergoing.

    Combats Wrinkles:

    Skin cells in healthy people are flexible and dynamic. They are less prone to wrinkles, and this is why it is so beneficial to bring healthy individuals into the world. As mentioned above, the top layer of skin is dead, and that means it is mobile and prone to breakdown. Nothing stops these skin cells from breaking down, forming dark spots around the face and eyes.

    Easier To Put on Makeup:

    One benefit for many people who undergo dermaplaning is that it is easier to apply makeup and other cosmetics in the morning. Smooth skin is a better canvas for makeup application, and it makes the whole process go faster. Anyone who has to get up early will appreciate the time saved.


    Refreshes Skin:

    Dreama planning is especially useful in the summer months or for those who go on vacation and spend a lot of time in the sun. Sun damage is another major contributor to dull and discolored skin on the face.

    Dermaplaning will exfoliate facial cells damaged by UV light. Anyone who has spent time in the sun will not only notice sun damage in the mirror, but also feel it in the form of dryness on their face. This damaged skin is rough to the touch and may even feel scratchy.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best razor I have ever used

    This dermaplaning razor is the best I have used. The blades are very high quality and the handle has a great weight making it incredibly easy and ergonomically designed. The silicone bottom of the handle makes it easy to grip and your thumb rests on the smooth rose gold colored part.

    There is no slipping at all, which means your other hand is free to stretch your skin. Better for the environment too. This item has a nice blade and contoured handle. You use it by hitting it downward at a 45' angle. It works very well. I would recommend this product.

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