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    Facial massages are treatments that you can do with a booster on your own. You can use a Gua Sha Face Massaging roller tool with a face massager, lotion oil, or cleansing balm. The technique include restorative pressure points on the face, neck, chin and shoulders.

    What is facial massage with Gua sha:

    A facial massage is exactly what it sounds like in the process of massaging your face. Whether you are just use your hands or join the help of a tool jade roller, benefits include increased circulation, reduce swelling, and facial tension. Most of experts recommend doing this three to four times a week and suggest always starting with a few drops of smoothing face oil or serum to avoid pulling your skin.

    What does a gua sha scraper:

    Gua Sha is the exercise of applying pressure and using a tool to scrape the skin to reduce tension and pain. This process causes mild injure, which often appears as purple or red spots called gua sha.

    Do facial rollers get rid of wrinkles:

    Facial rollers are good for eye circles, wrinkles, acne and helping skin care products absorb more smoothly into the skin. Put in pressure to the body with the round-edged tools used while Gua Sha treatment can split capillaries, as a result in petechiae and bruising.

    This expand of the blood vessels has a therapeutic effect on the body and increases blood flow to the treated areas and should not cause pain. Any scarring usually disappears within a few days of treatment.

    Remove Anti-aging and wrinkles with Gua Sha Face Massaging roller :

    A facial massage will not base permanent harm to your face. This will help your skin to glow more and more. An advance application is the wisely use of facial gua sha to help circulation and achieve little wrinkles and clearer skin," says Katz. "It is raise as a 'natural face lift'. Wrinkles are caused by genetics, skin type, sun exposure, facial tilt, loss of collagen, and loss of firmness and sebum due to the natural aging process.


    For the face uses a Gua Sha stone to remove facial wrinkles. These stones are made of materials like bayan, jade and rose quartz and have a smooth edge shape. Oil is applied to the face before the practice begins, allowing the stone to glide smoothly and gently over the skin in long, slow strokes.

    Can we use face massager daily:

     Skin care specialist suggests an at home facial massage 3-4 times a week. However a well gentle massage for 10-15 minutes daily will not harm your skin. It helps to encourage blood circulation and fade away fine lines over time.

    The benefits of gua sha:

    It can also help reduce migraines, tension, headaches neck pain or inflammation in your body. Gua sha can help with insomnia, perimenopausal, fatigue and anxiety symptoms in addition to reflexology.
    It has been reported that gua sha can help alleviate many health conditions. Experts say gua sha is good for muscle problems, especially major problems like tightness in the shoulders back and legs.

    Homeopathy with Gua Sha is just going to help promote that blood supply and healthy circulation of everything through the tissues so we can get your body as homeostatic as possible. If the flow of blood and energy throughout your body is not smooth. it can clear as muscle knots, aches, pain and weakness.

    Is Gua Sha Safe:

    If you are interested in Gua Sha rest assured and the use is safe and effective. Although the body may experience slight bruising or discoloration after a gua sha massage, this is think about a normal side effect. There may be some pain after the treatment.

    A patient's muscle structure and density play a large role in how a practitioner chooses to incorporate Gua Sha into a massage or facial treatment. Each person's body will respond differently. Individuals interested in gua sha for their bodies should seek treatment from a trained professional who specializes in acupuncture, Eastern medicine practices, or massage therapy, particularly in the form of gua sha.


    A facial massage helps promote healthy skin by relaxing your facial muscles. It has refresh and relaxing effect, helping you look like feel good.

    Sinus pressure
    Glowing skin
    Skin blood flow
    Facial rejuvenation
    Manage scar tissue

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    Best massaging roller for face

    It feels great on the skin and very pretty. It also helps absorb the oil on my face so it gets absorbed into the skin well and glows. I can say that I can feel the difference in my skin within a week of using it. Blood circulation has reduced the amount of breakouts, making my skin tighter and smoother. I Really Love it.

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